3D Visualization, Revealing a New Horizons of Microscopy
We don't follow tradition, we are passionate about innovation. KoPa does not produce boring products,
but focuses on a variety of cameras with high cost
performance and excellent user experience.
We strive to fully digitalize microscopes,
making operations more convenient.
We are willing to make unremitting efforts and
due contributions to this end.
Embodies our passion for microscope industry reform and ongoing R& D investment.
Dual-Sensor Camera: Exceptional in Low Light & Stunning in Bright Filed. Semiconductor cooling & capturing fluoresent in ultra-low light with high speed
Technology creates values, services accomplish excellence.
KoPa Camera is different. With years of experience in the microscopy industry, we stay in sync with the demands of high-end customers. Our cameras are known for their stable quality, fast delivery, and excellent service, giving you peace of mind.

In this rapidly evolving world of technology, everyone has an equal right. The KoPa 3D digital microscope will undoubtedly unveil a whole new microscopic world. Let's look forward to it and work hard together. Our main business partners include Olympus, Nikon, Leica, Zeiss and other microscope manufacturers' subsidiaries or primary distributors worldwide. Additionally, we also provide custom-made cameras to meet different needs.

We sincerely hope that our advanced technology and outstanding products can bring you greater value and endless possibilities.
Microscope Interactive System: Base upon China, and Walk up to The World