3D Visualization, Revealing a New Horizons of Microscopy
We are committed to providing advanced, problem-solving camera comprehensive solutions that accurately match the "BIG 4"Zeiss, Leica, Olympus, Nikon microscopes, to help scientific research and teaching activities.

From Wired to wireless,
From single-sensor to dual-sensor camera,
From standalone camera to interactive system,
From single depth of field to high content (auto image fusion),
From 2D to 3D,
From stage to "ice needle"
Embodies our passion for microscope industry reform and ongoing R& D investment.
Dual-Sensor Camera: Exceptional in Low Light & Stunning in Bright Filed. Semiconductor cooling & capturing fluoresent in ultra-low light with high speed
Technology creates values, services accomplish excellence.
KoPa cameras are harmony in diversity.
Engaged in the microscope industry for many years, familiar with international and domestic experience, and keep pace with high-end customer needs.
In today's ever-changing technology, our company operates with the "offer better products for clients", abide by every commitment we made for every client, attach importance to quality, create a wonderful future with you in the technology field.
We are realiable partner with the subsidiaries or general resellers of Olympus, Nikon, Leica and Zeiss around the world.
We undertake custom special camera business, welcome to contact us.
Come and explore the new era of 3D microscopy with us!
Microscope Interactive System: Base upon China, and Walk up to The World