All-in-one smart displayer camera

Make your microscope imaging system stunning & more versatile
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The All-in-one smart displayer camera is designed for binocular microscopes. Equipped with a built-in reducing lens, user can get large field of view. Thanks to the dedicated 50:50 split-light module, the camera can help users to observe images simultaneously through eyepieces and  camera without switching.
* Compatibility  * Easy connection 
*  Large FOV    * Highly Integrated
Robust and flexible microscope compatibility with Nikon Ei and Si. Designed as per the optical characteristics of Nikon brand and the size of the dovetail interface.
Different types of interfaces such as 5G WiFi, HDMI are available for option. Plug and play. Don't even need a computer when choosing an all-in-one type camera.
The built-in reduction lens and its magnification is designed according to the size of the camera sensor in order to get the largest field of view.
Built-in focusing mechanism, built-in reduction lens, built-in dichroic prism, built-in operating system, complex optical and mechanical modules are all integrated into a compact housing.

Work seamlessly with a wide range of computing and mobile devices based on Windows, iOS, or Android.

15.6-inch full color gamut 1080P HD display ensures excellent image quality. Come with imaging APP, automatically display live images after power on.

Embedded 50%/50% light splitting design without damaging the original optical system and Built-in high power reduction lens for large field of view.

Precise and simple focus of screw rod to realize eyepiece-to-monitor synchronization.

32GB built-in RAM, support U-disk storage for picture and video.

USB ports for wireless keyboard and mouse, easy to input and operate the system.

Mobile devices access the system by scanning the exclusive QR code.

Connect to PC through Wi-Fi, and 1080P HDMI output to display, TV and projector

* High performance CMOS sensor 
* High Speed 5G Wi-Fi 11acTechnology
* 30FPS at 4K output
* Support third-party Android apps
The  camera is equiipped with Sony CMOS. High sensitivity, low dark current and no smear are achieved through the adoption of R,G and B primary color mosaic filters.
The 5th generation Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11ac) technology ensures the camera can stably run at 30 fps at 4K preview, which is at least 3 times of IEEE 802.11n.

The industrial-grade non-touch screen can effectively prevent the shaking of the microscope caused by finger clicks, and is more conducive to stable image observation.The standard accessories include a mouse and keyboard, which can operate the all-in-one smart display camera like a computer, allowing users to insert a U-disk to install third-party Android apps, such as Office apk, pathology analysis APP, education APP etc.
KoPa Capture  for Windows systems
Image & Measuring Software
Standard microscopy imaging and measurement software included with the camera
KoPa WiFi Lab AO 
Built-in Imaging App 
When start the camera, you will directly enter KoPa WiFi Lab AO and automatically live-stream images. This APP is permanently retained and will not be deleted by mistake.
KoPa WiFi Lab 
App for mobile phones and tablets( iOS and android systems)                       
   Camera parameters
Physical pixel 12.0MP 8.0MP
Camera model  TC1200(N) TC800(N)
Applicable microscope  Nikon
Ei / Si series  Binocular 
Ei / Si series  Binocular 
Windows PC Software KoPa  Capture KoPa  Capture
Embedded APP KoPa WiFi Lab AO KoPa WiFi Lab AO
APP for iOS / android
mobile phone/tablet
 KoPa WiFi Lab  KoPa WiFi Lab
5G WiFi  Output Available Available
HDMI Output  Available  Available
USB Output N / A  N / A 
Sensor model  Sony IMX412 CMOS Sony IMX334 CMOS
Exposure mode Roller shutter exposure Roller shutter exposure
Highest resolution  4000x 3000 (12.000.000) 3840×2160 (8,294,400)
Sensor size  1/2.3” 1/1.8”
Pixel size  1.55μm×1.55μm 2.0μm×2.0μm
Spectral response 380-650nm 380-650nm
White balance Real-time auto
 manual adjustment
Real-time auto
 manual adjustment
Preview resolution 4000×3000,3840×2160, 2592×1944,
3840×2160, 2592×1944
Exposure Automatic and manual Automatic and manual
Record format Snapshot
 Resolution: 4000×3000,3840×2160 ,
 Format:MP4 file
 Resolution:up to 25fps@1920×1080
 Resolution:3840×2160 ,2592×1944,
 Format:MP4 file
 Resolution:up to 25fps@1920×1080
Power consumption DC 12V 5A  DC 12V 5A 
HDMI output resolution Auto-adaptive display
 up to 3840 × 2160P30
Auto-adaptive display
up to 3840 × 2160P30
Supporting protocol  5G WiFi IEEE 802.11ac  5G WiFi IEEE 802.11ac
Working frequency range 5.180-5.825GHz 5.180-5.825GHz
   Screen parameters

Effective area size 344.2176mm(horizontal)×193.6224mm(vertical)
Number of pixels 1920(horizontal)×1080(vertical)
Pixel arrangement RGB is arranged vertically
Display number of colors 16.7M(8Bit)
Surface treatment Steel processing
Surface hardness 3H
Viewing angle range 178°horizontal,178°vertical
Contrast 1200
Brightness 425cd/㎡(Five-point average)

① Captured by TC1200(N) with Nikon Ei

  ② Captured by TC800(N) with Nikon Ei

                                                                                                        *Caputred by 8.0MP camera +Nikon Ei