All-in-one smart displayer camera

* Suitable for infinity binocular microscope
* Embedded with 50:50 splitting prism
* Built-in 0.43X large field lens
* 15.6 inch FHD display
* Built-in 5G WiFi,supports connection to Windows, iOS and Android systems
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Save your cost of trinocular , bulit-in 5G Wi-Fi and 4K Ultra HD technology enhance scientific research. More compatible, more convenient and better performance

Key Features & Benefits
* The device is equipped with an all-in-one 15.6-inch 100% color gamut and ultra-high resolution FHD screen, and with built-in deeply customized operating system.
* It comes with imaging APP,when starting up,it will connect with microscopic live image instantly and automatically.
* Embedded with 50:50 splitting prism , without destroying the original optical system.
* Built-in high-power 0.43X reduction lens for large field of view.
* Accurate and simple focusing with screw rod, to realize parfocality.
* 32GB RAM ,support USB flash disk to export picture, video data.
* HDMI output to monitor, TV, projector.
* The USB ports can connect to mouse,keyboard, convenient for measurement and text input.
* Allows to use mobile phone or tablet to scan the dedicated QR code for wireless point-to-point connection to share live imaging
* Perfectly compatible with three mainstream systems of Windows, iOS and Android. Connect to PC through WiFi.



All-in-one Smart Displayer camera 15.6”screen Parameters
 Effective area size      344.2176mm(horizontal)×193.6224mm(vertical)  
 Number of pixels  1920(horizontal)×1080(vertical)                           
 Pixel arrangement   RGB is arranged vertically
 Display number of colors   16.7M(8Bit)
 Surface treatment   Steel processing
 Surface hardness   3H
 Viewing angle range   178°horizontal,178°vertical
 Contrast   1200
 Brightness   425cd/㎡(Five-point average)

Camera parameters:  
 Physical pixel   12.0MP   8.0MP
 Sensor model   Sony IMX412 CMOS   Sony IMX334 CMOS
 Exposure mode   Roller shutter exposure   Roller shutter exposure
 Highest resolution    4000x 3000 (12.000.000)   3840×2160 (8,294,400)
 Sensor size   1/2.3”   1/1.8”
 Pixel size   1.55μm×1.55μm   2.0μm×2.0μm
 Spectral response   380-650nm   380-650nm
 Exposure   Automatic and manual   Automatic and manual
 White balance   Real-time auto, manual adjustment   Real-time auto, manual adjustment
 Preview resolution   4000×3000,3840×2160, 2592×1944,
  3840×2160, 2592×1944, 1920×1080
 Record format   Snapshot
  Resolution: 4000×3000,3840×2160 ,
  Format:MP4 file
  Resolution:up to 25fps@1920×1080
  Resolution:3840×2160 ,2592×1944,
  Format:MP4 file
  Resolution:up to 25fps@1920×1080
 Power consumption   DC 12V 5A    DC 12V 5A
 HDMI output resolution   Auto-adaptive display, up to 3840 × 2160P30     Auto-adaptive display, up to 3840 × 2160P30
 Supporting protocol   5G WiFi IEEE 802.11ac   5G WiFi IEEE 802.11ac
 Working frequency range        5.180-5.825GHz   5.180-5.825GHz

Camera Models Matching table:

Applicable microscope  12.0MP  8.0MP   PC Software       Embedded APP         APP for iOS / android
mobile phone/tablet
  5G WiFi  Output  HDMI Output  USB Output
 E200/  E100 series  
 HE1210- N 
 KoPa  Capture    

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