All-in-one smart displayer camera

* Suitable for infinity binocular microscope
* Embedded with 50:50 splitting prism
* Built-in 0.43X large field lens
* 15.6 inch FHD display
*  Built-in 5G WiFi ,supports connection to Windows, iOS and Android systems
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Save your cost of trinocular , bulit-in 5G Wi-Fi and 4K Ultra HD technology enhance scientific research. More compatible, more convenient and better performance

Features & Benefits
* The device is equipped with an all-in-one 15.6-inch 100% color gamut and ultra-high resolution FHD screen, and with built-in deeply customized operating system.
* It comes with imaging APP,when starting up,it will connect with microscopic live image instantly and automatically.
* Embedded with 50:50 splitting prism , without destroying the original optical system.
* Built-in high-power 0.43X reduction lens for large field of view.
* Accurate and simple focusing with screw rod, to realize parfocality.
* 32GB RAM ,support USB flash disk to export picture, video data.
* HDMI output to monitor, TV, projector.
* The USB ports can connect to mouse,keyboard, convenient for measurement and text input.
* Allows to use mobile phone or tablet to scan the dedicated QR code for wireless point-to-point connection to share live imaging
* Perfectly compatible with three mainstream systems of Windows, iOS and Android. Connect to PC through WiFi.

Imaging APP that built-in camera , offering capture, record,
KoPa WiFi Lab AO

Image attribute adjustment

Exposure, white balance, brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, gamma, improve halation, black and white mode, image enhancement

Snapshot and record tools
All-in-one Smart Displayer camera 15.6”screen Parameters
 Effective area size      344.2176mm(horizontal)×193.6224mm(vertical)  
 Number of pixels  1920(horizontal)×1080(vertical)                           
 Pixel arrangement  RGB is arranged vertically
 Display number of colors  16.7M(8Bit)
 Surface treatment  Steel processing
 Surface hardness  3H
 Viewing angle range  178°horizontal,178°vertical
 Contrast  1200
 Brightness  425cd/㎡(Five-point average)

Camera parameters:  
 Physical pixel  12.0MP 8.0MP
 Sensor model  Sony IMX412 CMOS Sony IMX334 CMOS
 Exposure mode  Roller shutter exposure Roller shutter exposure
 Highest resolution   4000x 3000 (12.000.000) 3840×2160 (8,294,400)
 Sensor size  1/2.3” 1/1.8”
 Pixel size  1.55μm×1.55μm 2.0μm×2.0μm
 Spectral response  380-650nm 380-650nm
 Exposure  Automatic and manual Automatic and manual
 White balance  Real-time auto, manual adjustment Real-time auto, manual adjustment
 Preview resolution  4000×3000,3840×2160, 2592×1944,
 3840×2160, 2592×1944, 1920×1080
 Record format  Snapshot
 Resolution: 4000×3000,3840×2160 ,
 Format:MP4 file
 Resolution:up to 25fps@1920×1080
 Resolution:3840×2160 ,2592×1944,
 Format:MP4 file
 Resolution:up to 25fps@1920×1080
 Power consumption  DC 12V 5A   DC 12V 5A
 HDMI output resolution  Auto-adaptive display, up to 3840 × 2160P30  Auto-adaptive display, up to 3840 × 2160P30
 Supporting protocol  5G WiFi IEEE 802.11ac  5G WiFi IEEE 802.11ac
 Working frequency range  5.180-5.825GHz  5.180-5.825GHz
Camera Models Matching table:
Applicable microscope  12.0MP  8.0MP   PC Software       Embedded APP         APP for iOS / android
mobile phone/tablet
  5G WiFi  Output  HDMI Output  USB Output
 Ei / Si series  
 KoPa  Capture    

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