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The CE210T a compact in size HDMI digital microscope, is comprised of a video microscope, HD camera, LED lighting and monitor. Combining the ergonomic benefits of this unique integration, it eliminates the vision limitations of traditional microscope, allowing operators freedom of head movement, providing superb ergonomics and hand-eye co-ordination.

Features and advantages:
▲ It has unique manual focus knob on top of camera helps you to product the sharpest image within the working distance (44mm~200mm) when the observation object size changed from small to large. Avoid tedious adjustment work and directly change the working distance through eye-height adjustment ring and expand the original magnification ratio of the microscope.
 6X~39.4X overall magnification (Based on actual measurement on 12.5”monitor). It is ideal complete solution for low magnification inspection.
▲ With a 2.1MP 1080p 60pfs digital camera and HD lens.
▲ Fatigue-free optical observation under excellent diffuse light & external coaxial light
■ Reduce glare under diffuse light.
■ More conducive to the observation of the smooth surface, the highly reflective surface and the hard-to-reach area under external coaxial light.
■ The two ring lights are independently controlled, and the brightness can be freely combined and adjusted according to the actual observation situation.
■ It is powered by the monitor, safe and reliable, and reduces the floor line, save space of working table.
▲Outstanding ergonomics design with 360 ° universal shaft bracket(Style B and Style C) , to hover randomly. It is flexible and easy to use, convenient
for operator to view from different angles, Free up the operator's head and body, the work efficiency can be improved and
fatigue can be reduced effectively
▲ Integrated solution - one device can achieve multiple functions of low magnification tasks; Equipped with all-in-one 12.5’’ monitor, when needed, operator can fine-tune screen angle to look up (max 90 °) or look down (max 24 °)
▲Simple, easy-to-use image and video capture menus are included as standard to allow you to use it instantly.
■ Camera buttons can optimize camera settings, including white balance, exposure, sharpness, contrast, freeze, crosshairs, and more.
■ The menu supports 9 languages: English, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Japanese, Russian, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.
■ The captured image supports JPG format.
■ Recorded video supports MOV format.
■ Equipped with TF card slot, support up to 128G TF card( TF card is an optional accesory ) for image and video saving,

There are three styles of CE210T:
Style A has a display screen and has bracket is 90° right angle;

Style B has a display screen(supports connect to other monitor through HDMI ) and 11" articulating arm to hover randomly.

Style C is without display screen (supports connect to other monitor through HDMI ) and has 11"articulating arm, to hover randomly.


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5G WiFi Camera
KoPa started selling WiFi cameras for microscopes in 2012. We mainly provides direct supply to first-level distributors/dealers of Olympus, Nikon, Leica, Carl Zeiss and other brands, in addition, provides OEM and ODM services for well-known local brands in Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Brazil and etc.
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