Digital Comparison Microscope

The comparison microscope BD1601 is built by the  trace identification experts and technical experts with more than 20 years of
experience in optical industrial. It incorporates the practical experience of many years of trace identification and breaks through the old-fash
ioned use of traditional comparison microscopes.
It adopts high-magnification dual-lens, dual-channel ultra-high-definition cameras and ultra-high-definition image display on computer , and
relies on the latest AI intelligent image algorithm to fully process the image in time and cooperate with the newly optimized mechanical sup
port platform and multiple color light source, objects observation are easy and convenient. Through the use of powerful software, users can
quickly obtain high-definition real contrast images, gain higher work efficiency and accuracy.
The camera uses SONY IMX274 8.0MP HD CMOS sensor which features with ultra-wide dynamic range (>80dB) and ultra-low
illumination (0.001Lux). The frame rate output is 25 fps in full output, easy to capture high dynamic range video with more