Interactive System
  【Successful installation case】Fuzhou Medical College of Nanchang University
Installation time:January,2021
Installation  place :Fuzhou Medical College of Nanchang University  
Installation  quantity: 6 classroom , 366 units at total.

(The college is located in Fuzhou, a famous historical and cultural city known as the "Hometown of Talents" and "Cultural State", on the west bank of the Fuhe River. The college was established in 1978. Its predecessor was the Medical Department of Gandong University, founded in 1958. It was incorporated into the former Jiangxi Medical College in 2000 and merged with Jiangxi Medical College into Nanchang University in 2005.

In December 2016, the reform of the college was officially launched. In October 2019, the college was transferred to Fuzhou City for management as a whole. In May 2020, the Oaks Group obtained the right to host Fuzhou Medical College (funding), and will inject huge amounts of money to improve the college's teaching environment, introduce high-level talents, and establish and perfect a first-class discipline system.)