Exhibition Event
Canton Beauty Expo successfully concluded In March 2014
Date 2014-03-25
On March 11, the three-day 40th Canton Beauty Expo came to a close. OSTEC, as the first enterprise participating in this exhibition, has gained a grand succcess with numerous spectators’ active participation.

As the top feast in Chinese cosmetic industry, the biannual Canton Beauty Expo has always been the focus for the public. The first participation of our company aims at learning how to attract sufficient attention from multiple brands and displaying selling points of our products for adequate preparing for the next exhibition . During the three days of exhibition, our stall draws many purchasers and professionals.

Through reviewing the exhibition scene, we can detect quite a few brilliant moments. Live experience appeals to the spectators most. The spectators enjoy the unique magic of OSTEC products and highly praise the technology of OSTEC products.

The supreme significance of this exhibition lies in that we put our products in the largest display platform in our country and realize the cognition among consumers and feedback from the peer companies for our products, which provides effective statistical data for the development direction of our future product such as the research, development and orientation.